Thursday, August 4, 2011

Santa Barbara

About a month ago, we took a fantastic vacation to Santa Barbara with my family. Well we took about a thousand photos, so it was hard to narrow down which ones to post, which is probably why is took me so long to do this post. The weather was perfect, the views were awesome and it was so much fun spending some relaxing time with the family.

On this trip Bre got over her fear of the water, both in the ocean and pool. She never got further in the water than in this picture, but that is a huge improvement to the screaming and crying of the past.

My kids dug for hours in the sand. Ian even didn't eat TOO much.

The rental house had a gorgeous pool and we spent hours in the water.

Did I mention the awesome views..hee hee.

Mom & Dad got some R & R

Alex & Ian became closer buds and had fun playing together.

A trip to the zoo is always a must.

S'mores around the firepit.

The aquarium on the wharf. Perfect for our little kids.

We had a nice diner out on the wharf.

My childhood friend, Stacey, came and took pictures of us. She lives in the Ventura area now, so it worked out perfectly.

Stacey did a great job...I love how they turned out in spite of the crying babies!

I can't wait till our next trip back. Craig would really like to retire here, but I wonder how many jobs we would have to work to make that happen...just a dream I guess!

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