Saturday, April 28, 2012

Ian's quilt and big boy room

YEA!  It's finally done!  Actually, the quilt was done about a month ago, but I'm always slow to blog about things.  The inspiration of this quilt came from Jenny, as do many projects.  I was thinking that I wanted to make a strip quilt with different widths, but could figure out how to make it work right.  Once I decided on the zig zag design, it came to together rather smoothly.

The front 

The back

The fabrics speak to the nerd in me...I especially love the circuit boards!

The fabrics used were:
Robot Factory by Kaufman
Mechanical Genius by Mo Bedell
Robots by David Walker
Robotics by Moda
Full Moon by Amy Butler

Ian will have to grow into it a bit!

For his big boy room, we painted a nice grey color on the walls.  
Using my silhouette machine, I cut out a wall decal from vinyl.
There's still much more decorating to come...

My favorite part is that Ian really appreciates his quilt and was interested in watching it come together.  I hope he treasures it forever.

And just to reminisce, here is a before picture of his nursery.
ahhh....where did time go?

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Breanna-isms #1

Bre is really into drawing, painting, & coloring.  I love watching her creativity develop.  Today she started drawing a picture, so I asked her what she was drawing....

Drawing #1:

Bre: "I am drawing you and Daddy at your wedding...I'm in your tummy"
Me: "No, Breanna, you were not in my tummy at our wedding.  That happened much later"
Bre: "I know"

Drawing #2:

Me: "Now what are you drawing?"
Bre: "The car where I started being in your tummy.  You were going home in it after your wedding. It took a long long time to get where you were going."

This is where I bust up laughing!  I did say it happened much later.  This shall be a conversation for another time...