Sunday, January 30, 2011

A gift that warms my heart...and feet!

Ever since we moved into our house (almost 3 years ago) I had been anticipating updating our fireplace. It wasn't because it was dated, it was just....well, blah. So I asked / begged my dad to make a mantle for my Christmas present this year. He was more than willing. He said to make a design and he would build it. When dad got close to having it done, Craig and I started on the demo (also with dad's help - wish we had a video of the crazy man hacking away at the tile with a crowbar!). My dad puts so much detail into his projects. Take for instance the Barbie house he made for me as a girl. He added a porch, wooden shingles and wallpaper. I apparently made a somewhat challenging design, but he figured out how to make it - that's what he's good at. We LOVE the way it turned out. Here are some pics.

The before

Umm...what did we get ourselves into? Notice the treasure we found too!

the mantle is hung and drywall is fixed

We tiled with travertine subway tiles to give it a stone / brick look

The routing on the corbel is what gave dad a challenge

The finished look...just in time to hang the stockings! We love the way it turned out and feel quite proud that we learned how to drywall and tile.

and a Christmas picture, 'cause the kids look so cute dressed up