Monday, July 26, 2010

Mammoth Vacation

Ok...time to play catch up! It's been a while! Every summer (well almost every year) my family goes to Mammoth Lakes for a week. We all stay together in one big condo and it gets crazy at times, but we always have fond memories. The weather was amazing and the views were crystal clear...these trips always makes me marvel at God's creation. Activities were limited and sleep was illusive with 5 kids, but we still enjoyed walks, the parks, golfing for the guys, shopping, some fishing, and lots and lots of great food. Here are some pictures...a lot, I know, but only about 10% of what were taken!

Carring an 18 pounder

loving the trolley ride

One of the fun parks

Ian 6 mo, Alex 3, Annalise 3 mo, Abby 5, Breanna 2 1/2

The "A" team

Waiting for the trolley ride

They love their Papa

My silly boy

The fourth of July parade


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