Thursday, July 29, 2010

2 hour tutu

Well it happened this week...Breanna asked to play dress up. I wondered when she would hit this age as my neice was always wanting to play dress up. I had this project in the works for a while and thought I had a little longer to make it, but all of the sudden she grew up on me! This was a very fun & short project. It was completed while the kids were taking naps, yea! Breanna just loves dancing around in it. It brings back memories of my cousin Cindy and I twirling around for hours in tutus.

So this is how it is done. I bought the top on sale at Kohls and the tulle on clearance at F&M. I cut 8 strips of 2 1/2 yards by 9 inches of the tulle. I staggered four strips of the tulle and then gathered it together (so it wouldn't all start and end in the same place). Four of the strips I sewed directly onto the bottom of the shirt and the other 4 I sewed onto the bottom of the shirt in the opposite direction so it would fluff up (see picture).

Then I added a few fabric flowers that I have been obsessed with making lately. The only thing I would probably do differently next time is use stay tape or don't use a rib knit, it just stretched too much. I am envisioning one with the #3 on it for her birthday.


  1. Super cute! I love Breanna's expressions in those pictures.

  2. Look at you, blog mama!! Such cute tutus! And Breanna is so cute!