Thursday, February 10, 2011

Cake Pops!

I got this book from Amazon a while back, but had yet to try making cake pops. The perfect opportunity arose: my nephew's 4th birthday and my dear friend's 30th birthday on the same day. Both are known sweet tooths, so I thought I would give these a try. They are just as time consuming as everyone says, but ohhh do they taste good!

Alex had a Dodger baseball theme so I made some baseballs for all the guests.

The lonely Pirates cake pop was for Craig
Ian, Grammy and the birthday boy sporting Dodger blue!
For Julie, I made froggie cake pops (surprisingly easier than the baseballs)
Julie has always liked frogs...don't ask me why, I can't stand them. She even used to swim with them in her pool!


  1. So cute! This makes me want to try them again. I tried making these in July for Avery's birthday and mine came out HORRIBLE! So bad I didn't even think they were worth another try. But yours turned out so cute that now I'm considering giving it another effort.

  2. They were so delicious too!!!!!! Thank you for making them for me. Made me feel very special! :)

  3. How cute! This may be a good idea to try for Emily's birthday next month, or the twins' birthday in April. I'm sure Alex's guests loved them :)