Saturday, May 22, 2010

Growing so fast!

I can't believe how fast Ian is growing! Maybe it's because he is baby #2 and things are just so much busier than they were with Breanna, but I'm pretty sure he is just growing faster than his sister did. He is now 4 1/2 months and weighs somewhere around 15-16 pounds. He loves to sit in the baby seat and play with toys. He rolls from his tummy to back. Loves, loves, loves his sister. He giggles when he sees himself in the mirror and when Bre or his cousin Abby talk to him. He loves his rice cereal...the boy is an eater! His first two bottom teeth are peeking through. Oh, and yes he is balding, but new blonde hair is coming in.

3 1/2 months

4 months

4 1/2 months

Breanna is 2 1/2 now and so much fun! She loves to sing and dance and pretend. Her favorite currently is to play doctor and give us's probably because she went so many times this Spring, poor girl! She is the sweetest to her brother and likes to be mommy's big helper. She gets very shy and quiet around lots of kids at church or MOPS. She actually had the nursery workers thinking that she doesn't know how to talk yet, but then she lets it all out when she gets home!
Notice her legs...busy, busy!


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  1. They're so cute, Laura! And, wow, have they both grown! I can totally relate with the babies growing too fast. Juliet is smaller than her sister was, but she seems to be "growing up" SOOO fast! I miss seeing you guys.